How Stytch
uses Swantide
to run Salesforce

“I’ve seen a lot of Salesforce setups go wrong and the price that companies pay down the road. We’re being thoughtful on how to avoid those missteps.”

Reed McGinley-Stempel

Co-founder & CEO

Julianna Lamb

Co-founder & CtO


Stytch is a security SaaS startup that's improving security and user experience with passwordless authentication. Stytch co-founder Reed McGinley-Stempley had these top goals for the company:

create an awesome product that continues to get better
drive customer adoption
scale responsibly

Stytch is growing fast and they need to make sure they're scaling in a way that's built for the long term. As Reed put it, "invest in the foundation early on to go fast later." Well said.


The Stytch team was initially using Copper as their CRM, but this wasn’t going to be a long term solution for scaling. They needed Salesforce, but Reed and team were not experts on how to set up and configure the platform. Reed knew that they wanted to be thoughtful with their approach to creating a solid sales foundation. They connected with some Salesforce consultants, but in the end they weren’t impressed with the timeline and price tag. The plan was to buckle up and just do it themselves.

Dennis Huang

Business Ops at Stytch

“Our business model is pay as you go (versus the standard SaaS pay up front) and Salesforce doesn’t play super nice with that. [We] aren’t Salesforce experts, so we asked [Swantide] ‘this is how our business runs, can you make that work for us?’ and they did.”


Reed and team got connected to Swantide at just the right time. According to Reed, “Swantide was interesting to me because they’ve got a tech approach to Salesforce setup and implementation. I get that.”

Swantide swooped in to help with Salesforce configuration with the press of a button. Since Swantide is built on top of Salesforce, it’s fast and easy to set up. The Swantide platform configures Salesforce based on the information that Reed and team provided about their product, business model, and sales process. Swantide continues to monitor the data in their Salesforce and provide a platform for the Stytch team to add integrations and features as they grow.

Do it right the first time

Stytch avoided the headaches and extra work from doing it themselves or working with a time-intensive implementation partner.

With or without sales ops

With or without sales ops. Swantide took over sales ops activities so that the Stytch team could focus on their jobs.

your CRM

Swantide is built on top of Salesforce in order to monitor and fix dirty data issues. Stytch is confident that their sales systems are built to scale.

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