How OfficeTogether
uses Swantide
to run Salesforce

We’ve used Swantide as a strategic partner for growth, and I didn’t realize that until after partnering with them. Now we plan to grow with them.

Gunter Lugo

Account Executive

Amy Yin

Founder & CEO


OfficeTogether is a SaaS startup that provides companies with capacity management and scheduling tools for more flexible, hybrid offices. Employees can see the in-office schedules of their teammates and make desk reservations, and managers can schedule teams to come in on the same day as well as track in-office days for individuals. Amy Yin, OfficeTogether founder and CEO, had these top goals for the company:

Recruiting - hire the best people in the right roles
Sales - bring in new customers to use the product


Initially, OfficeTogether used some tools in their sales process (e.g. Sales Navigator, but they had not yet implemented Salesforce. They needed to configure Salesforce to meet their business needs and integrate with their other sales tools but were overwhelmed by the level of effort and complexity required to do this correctly. Company leadership wanted Salesforce implementation to be easy and painless, allowing sales team members to focus on more pressing needs for the business.

Amy Yin

Founder and CEO at OfficeTogether

“Everyone scares me with how much effort Salesforce is.
I just wanted Salesforce to be a non-problem for me”


Amy and team got connected to Swantide at just the right time. Since they didn’t have Salesforce when they started working together, they kicked it off by planning the setup and getting licensing advice. When it was time for set up, Swantide handled everything including uploading contacts, adding integrations, and setting up users. OfficeTogether was able to communicate with Swantide easily through Slack, which meant less meetings. As OfficeTogether continues to grow their sales org, there are constant iterations with what they need for Salesforce, and Swantide is there to help support them through this journey.

Gunter Lugo

Account Executive at OfficeTogether

“Salesforce admin work can be time-consuming and technical, so by having them do it, we can focus on sales and customers. Our industry is adapting and changing on a daily basis, Swantide is here for us to help visualize critical data.”

Do it right the first time

OfficeTogether avoided the headaches and extra work from doing it themselves or working with a time-intensive implementation partner.

With or without sales ops

Swantide took over sales ops activities so that the OfficeTogether team could focus on customer-facing activities. OfficeTogether is partnering with Swantide as their strategic partner for growth long-term.

your CRM

Swantide is built on top of Salesforce in order to monitor and fix dirty data issues. OfficeTogether is confident that their sales systems are built to scale.

Reach out to see how Swantide can help you configure and manage your Salesforce.

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