Salesforce management made simple

Swantide is a more scalable, all-in-one SaaS platform to implement, configure and manage changes to Salesforce and other GTM tools
Launch CRM faster than imagined

Just 15 minutes to get started instead of hours with a consultant. Input some facts about your business model, and Swantide will set up Salesforce with the press of a button.

Grow your GTM engine more responsibly

Swantide is built on top of Salesforce and has more than 70 pre-built workflows. Add new requirements and motions as the revenue team grows, or when you need them.

Proactively fix issues and save time

Detect and fix irregularities in Salesforce to improve data and user management. Swantide saves customers up to 10 hours per week, or the equivalent to an extra week of work per month.

Case Studies

Swantide is built for:

Swantide offers founders the fastest way to launch CRM with minimal commitments. Swantide offers everything you need to get stood up, including in-app onboarding so implementation is done on your timeline.

Swantide supports sales leaders who need to build repeatable, scalable GTM processes. Swantide Workflows provide the quickest path to adding new rules, requirements and sales motions.

  • Swantide saves RevOps time with data and change management by automating the essential, but time consuming tasks. The platform is engineered to unify ops across sales, marketing and CS so they can run as one team.

Self-service workflows as you need them

Swantide’s workflows handle the configurations needed to reflect your dynamic and evolving sales process in Salesforce.  From robust lead management to pipeline analysis to renewals, access the workflows you need, when you need them.

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