Announcing Sandbox in Swantide

Ryan Baer

September 19, 2023
you notice your sales data is out of date
you feel like you lack clarity on current pipeline
you want to see reports on booked and forecasted revenue but can’t
you missed an important action item for a potential customer
you expanded your sales team and it’s hard to see who owns what account
you’re seeing duplicates in the data
What does “CRM set up” mean/involve?
When is the best time to set up your CRM and why?
What are the costs if you wait?
What are the benefits if you move quickly?
How do most companies implement their CRM?
Should you get Salesforce or another CRM?

There is nothing worse than deploying updates to your Salesforce only to realize you wanted those changes to appear differently. That’s where Salesforce’s sandbox environments become extremely helpful. You can use them for development, testing, and training without compromising the data and applications of your production org and when viewed and managed through Swantide, testing your changes is even easier!

Swantide customers can now switch between their production and sandbox environments within the app. Simply reach out to your CSM to connect your desired sandbox orgs. Swantide will then create the connections. The next time you sign into your Swantide App, you can hover over your profile name and a listed view of your connected sandbox and production environments should appear. Select the radio button of the org you wish to connect to and then voilá, your Swantide instance should connect to your selected sandbox environment! Enjoy making Salesforce sandbox updates using Swantide and feeling confident in what you plan to deploy to production.

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