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Do it right the first time

Salesforce implementation should be a non-problem, right from the start. Avoid the headaches and extra work from doing it yourself or working with a time-intensive implementation partner.

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With or without sales ops

No sales ops? No problem, Swantide takes over. Have sales ops? They’re likely spending too much time on CRM data cleanup and maintenance when they should be spending more time on strategy. We help make their job easier.

Trust your CRM

Your CRM is only as good as the data inside. Swantide is built on top of Salesforce in order to monitor and fix your dirty data issues. Be confident that your sales systems are built to scale.

Ongoing customer support

Not a one-off project. No expensive, slow-moving retainers. We’re in it for the long haul. We’re in your court.

Startup founders and sales teams love us

Tyler Pavlas

SR. AE, Air

“ Swantide is our sales ops. Swantide helps us do it right the first time [so that] we won’t run into issues like bad data or routing that makes no sense. [Swantide helps] remove the friction in the process of getting leads and moving them down the funnel. “

Amy Yin

Founder and CEO, OfficeTogether

“Everyone scares me with how much effort Salesforce is. I just wanted Salesforce to be a non-problem for me.”

Dennis Huang

Business Ops, Stytch

“Our business model is pay as you go (versus the standard SaaS pay up front) and Salesforce doesn’t play super nice with that. [We] aren’t Salesforce experts, so we asked [Swantide] ‘this is how our business runs, can you make that work for us?’ and they did.”

Shane Hegde

Co-Founder and CEO, Air

“We could have done a 3-month project with a [Salesforce] consultant, but we decided to go with Swantide, and now we’re with them longer term.”

Features built to help you scale

Fast and easy setup
Dashboard showing alerts and activities
Salesforce data management and cleanup (automated and routed for review)
Visualize and manage your Salesforce pipeline
Integrations with modern sales tech stack
Easily add new users and track their progress
Smart workflows for Salesforce daily tasks
 Integrations with modern sales tech stack
Flexible pricing based on your startup’s needs
Salesforce training
User-friendly UI/UX

Part human, mostly platform

set up

The Swantide platform configures Salesforce based on the information you provide about your product, business model, and sales process.

Step 01


Salesforce grows with your growing team. Swantide continues to monitor the data in your Salesforce, add integrations, and add features as you grow.

Step 02