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Giancarlo Gialle

“Swantide provide a tremendous amount of value, offering us dedicated customer success support and tools to automate workflows. They’ve brought us the expertise — and saved us a ton of money by not having to hire an in-house a Salesforce engineer.”

How OpenPhone built its GTM engine efficiently with Swantide

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Caterina Torres

“I recommend trying Swantide, they’re not just a team, but a tool!”

How Supermove uses Swantide to run Salesforce

Reed McGinley-Stempel

“I’ve seen a lot of Salesforce setups gone wrong and the price that companies pay down the road. We’re being thoughtful on how to avoid those missteps.”

How Stytch uses Swantide to run Salesforce

Design and build for velocity
Grow faster and more responsibly with Swantide’s self-service, cloud-based platform for GTM systems

Accelerate go-live timing & improve ongoing management

CRM implementation can take weeks or even months to complete. Swantide accelerates setup with pre-built workflows, automations, reports and dashboards that can be deployed as you need them. Improve go-live timing from weeks and months, to hours and days.

Build an efficient, scalable GTM engine

Every process change you make as a growing company needs to get translated into your GTM tech stack. Adding new users, sales plays and integrations are critical but challenging next steps. Swantide’s solutions are engineered with sales ops best practices, making scaling easier.

Unlock better visibility & accuracy for revenue teams

CRM data management can be death by a thousand paper cuts. Swantide keeps track of complicated configurations so RevOps can spend less time digging through complex settings screens and documentation, and more time on big ticket items.

Powering the Next Generation of Revenue Operations
Swantide Raises $7M Seed Investment from Menlo Ventures, Scribble Ventures and Burst Capital
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