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Connect Swantide AI to your Salesforce and automate changes, debug issues, and ask questions. Become a 10x Salesforce admin, instantly.

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The fastest growing companies trust Swantide

How it works

Step 1
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Connect your Salesforce

As soon as you connect to salesforce, Swantide will immediately begin personalizing to your Salesforce

Step 2
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Provide additional sources

Upload any documents from ops, IT, or enablement teams or connect your ticketing system to make Swantide AI even smarter

Step 3
Message bubbles

Start asking questions

Salesforce Admins, Ops, or Sales Reps can start asking questions to Swantide

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Workflow Templates

  • Complete the next few quarters of Salesforce backlog in a week

  • Never write boilerplate flows or validation rules again - quickly deploy a draft and then tweak to customize for your organization

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AI Assistant

  • Don't get bogged down by questions from reps, ops, finance or execs - let them ask Swantide AI questions directly about Salesforce

  • Swantide AI's debugging engine can help you track down the hardest to find bugs, super quickly

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Implement your Salesforce

  • Bought Salesforce on Monday? Get up and running by Friday with Swantide

  • Your business is unique. Customize to your specific needs with our easy-to-use interface and guided experiences

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  • Swantide AI automatically documents every change. Never again answer questions about what that flow does and why you built it

  • Ramp up quickly on any Salesforce instance and scope new projects with ease

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Brad Silicani
COO, Anrok

"We spoke with SFDC implementation consultants that said it would take months to get up and running with SFDC. Swantide got us there in a matter of days.”

Jack Gallo
Business Operations, Roboflow

“Swantide is one of the most impressive AI tools I have come across thus far. It is a big productivity boost to have a tool specifically tailored to our Salesforce. Any time I’m working in Salesforce, I have the chrome extension open which is a game changer in terms of navigating our instance and answering any questions I have."

Giancarlo Gialle
VP Sales & CS, Openphone

"Swantide provide a tremendous amount of value, offering us dedicated customer success support and tools to automate workflows. They’ve brought us the expertise — and saved us a ton of money by not having to hire an in-house Salesforce engineer.”

What makes us different


  • Transparent pricing with unlimited flexibility

  • Cost-savings from using software passed on to you

  • Common mistakes and costly re-implementations avoided with our tested configurations


  • Configure a functional CRM in a few days, rather than weeks or months, since Swantide customizes your CRM build with software

  • Accelerate development of complex workflows so that your CRM is never a blocker to growth


  • Processes designed with engineering and sales operations best practices in mind, with rigorous testing performed before it gets to you

  • Clear documentation and support so that you know

  • Confidence that your CRM works

Powered by AI

  • Ask the Swantide AI a question and get a suggestion for next steps based on it's knowledge of your Salesforce instance and organization

  • Automatically generated documentation of how and why your Salesforce is setup

  • A partner in doing root cause analysis for hard to trace errors

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