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A Swantide Workflow is a pre-built automation, dashboard, or feature in Salesforce. Every workflow is built and tested by our team to be customized to your instance when you deploy it to Salesforce.

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"When we brought Swantide in, almost immediately they were able to clean up our reporting, fix and build our automations, fill in information on Accounts and Opportunities, and roll out time stamping.”
Ben Harbert
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Update Close Date

Automatically update the close date to be the date an Opportunity closes.

Automatically Set Close Date on Create

Use this Workflow to set the close date to be a specified number of days from the create date.

Mark Account as Customer

When an opportunity is marked as Closed Won, automatically update the associated Account Type to be a Customer.

Enforce Stage Progression

Require that Opportunities move only one stage at a time. This allows for more thorough reporting on progression through the stages of your sales pipeline.

Match Child Account Owners to Parent

Require that Opportunities move only one stage at a time. This allows for more thorough reporting on progression through the stages of your sales pipeline.

Match Contact Owners to Account Owners

This Workflow ensures that the account owner owns all associated Contacts. When your Company has multiple Contacts coming in from the same Account, you amy decide that you want one rep to handle all of these Contacts. This Workflow ensures that one rep - the Account owner - gets assigned to every Contact on the associated Account.

Mass Convert Leads to Accounts and Contacts

Mass convert Leads to Contacts. Map the new Contacts to existing Accounts or create a new Account if one does not exist.

Relate a Lead to an Account by Domain

With this Swantide Workflow, if you have an Account Lookup on a Lead Record, you can match the Lead to the Account based on the Lead's email domain matching up to the Account's Web Domain.

Required Fields on Lead before Lead Convert

With this Swantide Workflow, ensure reps are entering in vital fields prior to converting them.

Default Opportunity Stage on Converted Leads

If creating an Opportunity when converting the lead, select a default stage in which the Opportunity will be created.

Track BANT Fields on Leads

Instantly deploy 9 Key BANT Fields to your leads for your Sales team to track. BANT is a sales methodology that stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline.

Timestamp a Picklist Field Entry and Exit Points on Any Object

This Swantide Workflow allows you to timestamp when a Picklist field was updated to a certain value denoted as its entry point. This Workflow is great for reporting purposes and keeping track of your picklist fields on their respective objects.

Slack Notification for New Leads by Source

Once you've set up your Salesforce environment with Slack, use this Swantide Workflow to notify team members when a high-value Lead is created in Salesforce.

Update Contact Field Value When an Associated Event is Created

Use this Workflow to automatically update the picklist value on a Contact field when an Event is created for that Contact.

Email notification on Opportunity Create

Send an email notification to a specific user when an Opportunity record is created.

Send an email notification 60 days before Opportunity Close date

This Workflow will send an email to the Opportunity Owner that the Close Date is approaching in 60 days.

Roll Up Total Open Opportunities by Stage

Use this Workflow to roll up the total number of Open Opportunities on the Account.

Calculate the Number of Days between Opportunity Closed Date and Created Date

With this Swantide Workflow, Calculate the Number of days between Opportunity Closed Date and Created Date.

Onboarding Cycle Custom Object

This Workflow automatically creates a custom object when an Opportunity is Closed Won. Define stages of implementation and automatically track duration to complete each stage. Assign tasks and required fields to complete as you progress through onboarding.

Require Fields in the Onboarding Object for Stage Changes

This Workflow enforces reps to capture required fields at a particular Onboarding Stage.

Enhanced Forecasting and Pipeline Analysis

Use weighting and certain forecast categories to forecast pipeline that will close in Salesforce.

Track Opportunity Conversion and Average Sales Cycle

Track Sales Cycle Duration for each stage of your sales process. Users can generate a time stamp when an opportunity moves into each stage.

Require Contacts for Closed Won Opportunities

This logic will require that at least one Contact has been added to an Account before it can be marked as Closed Won. This is essential for Einstein Activity Capture, which syncs calendar events and emails to Salesforce as well as Marketing and Customer Success productivity.

Enforce Close Opportunity Button

Streamline Sales Processes by ensuring that reps consistently utilize the "Close Opportunity" button

Auto Add Products to Opportunities

This automation allows you to automatically add products to newly created opportunities based on fields in Salesforce. When this automation is enabled, all newly created opportunities that meet your criteria will have the product added automatically.

Roll up Total ARR on Account Across All Product Instances

Use Roll-Up Fields to sum the total ARR across all Product Instances onto the Account level to give you a holistic view of ARR on Accounts with many Product Instances

Product Instance Management Dashboard

This Workflow creates a dashboard that tracks Product Instances that have not been converted to SFDC Accounts and Contacts. This dashboard quickly summarizes all of this information, allowing reps to easily track their pipeline of Product Instance records to fully convert them into Qualified Contacts and Accounts.

Bring Website Sign Ups into Salesforce

Create Leads for anyone who fills out a "Contact Us" or other form on your website.

Rule-Based Assignment of Incoming Leads

Define rules for assigning newly created Contacts to sales reps (e.g. Location, Employee Range) or use a round robin to evenly distribute leads across your sales reps.

Relate a Lead to an Account by Domain

With this Workflow, if you have an Account Lookup on a Lead Record, you can match the Lead to the Account based on the Lead's Email Domain matching up to the Account's Web Domain.

Send Email Notification to Case Owner Based on Case Priority

With this Workflow, you can set when a Case Owner should get an Email Notification based on the Case's Priority.

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