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“We used Swantide to implement Salesforce before raising our Series A. 4 years later, we have 80 seats in Salesforce and are still using Swantide to optimize and manage our Salesforce instance. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultant spend”
Gil Feig
Co-Founder @ Merge

Your RevOps Expertise

Founders shouldn't have to be RevOps experts themselves, or hire one in-house early on. Swantide provides your business with RevOps and Sales Ops best practices at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

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Trust the Data in your CRM

Having reliable Salesforce data is critical when reporting sales metrics to your investors or understanding your sales process as you build towards product-market fit. Swantide provides the reports and dashboards you need as well as the necessary guardrails to ensure the data is reliable and accurate.

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Eyes Wide Open

Swantide's price is tied to the number of users in your CRM, not the amount of work you need done. You'll have access to everything you need, when you need it, without any hidden fees. You don't get charged more when your scope changes.

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Get Set Up in Days, not Months

Speed is paramount for an early stage company. Because Swantide is a SaaS product, technical configuration is never a bottleneck to making a process change or running a GTM experiment

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Minimize Impact of Turnover

An admin or consultant is often the only person who understands how your CRM is configured. If they leave, it can be very challenging to make updates or troubleshoot things that break. Swantide gives you full visibility into your CRM processes and ongoing support after implementation.

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