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Swantide Raises $7M Seed Investment from Menlo Ventures, Scribble Ventures and Burst Capital

Empowering in-house teams to design, build and configure their go-to-market tech stack with the press of a button

October 27, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., OCT. 27, 2022 - Swantide, the self-service, cloud-based platform that fast-growing companies use to manage their GTM tech stack, announced today the general availability (GA) of its platform and a $7M seed investment from Menlo Ventures, with participation from Scribble Ventures, Burst Capital, Neo and Village Global.

Today’s fastest growing companies no longer separate sales, marketing and customer success into different departments. As they operate as one integrated revenue team, unifying data across their various systems has gotten increasingly complex. Yet with more adoption of data-driven motions like product-led-growth (PLG), founders and sales leaders are putting increased importance on RevOps. According to research firm McKinsey, “Some leading vendors are addressing this inefficiency by introducing new sales and RevOps tools, an investment that is driving 20 percent annual growth.”

Even with the overall adoption of best-of-breed tech stacks increasing, businesses are still turning to implementation partners to set up and manage table stakes tools like Salesforce. Nearly 70 percent of companies purchase CRM software within the first 5 years of launch. Yet for every dollar spent on software licenses, an additional six dollars are spent managing it. To alleviate this pain, Swantide is making its self-service, cloud-based platform GA to help companies set up and scale up GTM systems faster and more responsibly by driving down the costs of implementation and ongoing maintenance.

“We started with CRM because it’s the most critical step to get right when building your GTM engine, but we plan to expand to the whole GTM stack and build a unified data model across all systems,” said Taylor Lint, Founder and CEO of Swantide. “Sales, marketing and customer success all sell the same product, so they should be working with the same data model. We’re excited to bring our platform to market to help more companies design and build for velocity, and look forward to working with our investors to power the next generation of RevOps.”

Swantide helps ops, sales, marketing and founding teams design, configure and manage CRM, marketing automation and other GTM tools. The fastest growing companies turn to Swantide to improve go-live timing from weeks and months, to hours and days. Post-implementation, Swantide scales their GTM engines more efficiently, while giving better visibility and accuracy to revenue teams. With a cleaner way to configure and deploy new automations and changes, Swantide has saved customers up to 10 hours per work week, or the equivalent of an extra week of work per month.

“Taylor is effectively building the new system of record for managing changes throughout the entire GTM tech stack,” said Naomi Ionita, General Partner at Menlo Ventures. “Today’s emerging companies are finding ways to accelerate growth and thrive while being thrifty. Swantide provides a single platform for CRM data and user management as companies grow from founder-led sales, to hiring sales leadership, to RevOps at scale.”

Inspired by engineering and RevOps best practices, Swantide’s platform gives customers like Supermove, OpenPhone and others the benefit of ops expertise before or in place of a hire, enabling them to use those dollars elsewhere.

“Swantide provides a tremendous amount of value, offering us dedicated customer success support and tools to automate workflows,” said Giancarlo Gialle, Head of Sales and Customer Success at OpenPhone. “They’ve brought us the expertise — and saved us a ton of money by not having to hire an in-house Salesforce engineer.”

About Swantide

Swantide helps the fastest growing companies design, build and manage their GTM tech stack with its self-service, cloud-based platform. Founded by Taylor Lint, formerly of Replica and LinkedIn, Swantide accelerates go-live timing, scales GTM engines more efficiently and unlocks better visibility and accuracy for revenue teams. Swantide is backed by Menlo Ventures, Scribble Ventures, Neo, Village Global and Burst Capital. 

About Menlo Ventures

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