How Vareto used Swantide to quickly implement Salesforce

“We don’t have sophisticated RevOps, we don’t have anyone who’s an expert in that area. So for us to be able to behave like a mature business, without all the in-house expertise - that's really where the value of Swantide's platform comes in for me."

Ian Straussman
Chief of Staff @ Vareto


Vareto is a Series A startup that provides FP&A software to Mid-Market and Enterprise companies. Their goal is to drive operational efficiencies by promoting collaboration between Finance and their business partners. Vareto’s platform empowers finance leaders to approach their partners with confidence and clarity.

Vareto's top three goals:

Set up a fully functioning Salesforce in less than 3 weeks without losing legacy data

Learn and leverage best practices to ensure their business processes and systems were set up to scale

The ability to pivot and adjust their GTM strategy rapidly to handle shifting marketing conditions


Vareto had begun to expand headcount on their GTM teams and needed their revenue systems to keep pace.  Salesforce implementation was a big piece of this, but they hadn't hired anyone with extensive expertise in this area.  Their Chief of Staff was responsible for overseeing this project and was looking for a partner who could implement Salesforce in a way that fit their budget and timeline, as well as set them up to scale.


Swantide's platform handled Vareto's needs during implementation and continues to be an ongoing source of value today.  Within 2 weeks of starting to work with Swantide, Ian used Swantide to transfer legacy data into Salesforce and enable the processes that Vareto's sales and executive team required.  This included:

- Configuring their price book to determine the products, prices, and quantities for each Opportunity in the pipeline
- Automations that track renewals and update other fields when closing Opportunities
- Bring new leads from their website into Salesforce
- Guardrails to enforce certain behaviors from sales reps, like creating Opportunities in the first stage to ensure conversion metrics are accurate
- Dashboards that showed key sales metrics, such as weighted and unweighted pipeline, conversion rates across sales stages, most productive lead sources, phone calls and emails by sales reps, and more
- Slack notifications that trigger when Opportunities are Closed Won or Closed Lost

Vareto has enabled over 40 Swantide workflows to date, all of which are included in their subscription, so there was no risk of the project running over budget.  The Vareto team continues to leverage Swantide to make updates to their current workflows and enable new ones as needed


Budget Fit

Salesforce implementation that fit their scope, timeline, and budget

Trustworthy Data

A clear understanding of their key sales metrics and the confidence to trust their data because the right guardrails were put in place

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support to update and build new workflows as their GTM motion changes and evolves