How Anrok scaled GTM operations with Swantide's automated platform

“We spoke with SFDC implementation consultants that said it would take months to get up and running with SFDC. Swantide got us there in a matter of days.”

Brad Silicani
COO @ Anrok


Anrok automates sales tax compliance across your financial stack, so you can grow your SaaS business in any market. As an end-to-end global tax solution, their goal is to help SaaS businesses remove the stress of compliance so you can focus on scale.

Anrok's top three goals:

Helping their customers grow their revenue while reducing liability

Simplifying a complicated tax system for the SaaS industry

Continue to innovate and grow their own business


Anrok had a solution the market needed and was ready to grow, but needed a CRM and operational infrastructure to protect prospect and customer data.

When we met Anrok, their COO Brad Silicani was managing a small but growing customer and prospect database when his main focus needed to be managing and scaling their team and business. They wanted to plan for scale early and had heard from many experienced RevOps folks that Salesforce was the defacto solution but was really difficult to implement.


Anrok invested in Salesforce and evaluated multiple options for implementation but needed to move faster than consultant quoted timelines and required ongoing support that a traditional consulting agreement couldn't encompass.According to Devon Watts, Head of Marketing at Anrok "Swantide is not only a powerful RevOps tool for us, but the team has been like an extension of our own, helping us build a strong GTM ops foundation that will scale with us."

Finding a simple and easy way to implement salesforce was critical and Swantide offered a perfect solution. They’d spoken with several Salesforce implementation consultants that said it would take months to get up and running (and it was expensive to boot). Swantide was able to get them fully set up in a matter of days!


Immediate time-to-value

With no real Salesforce experience, the Anrok team was able to get up and running with the use of Swantide. Speed was critical.

Expertise + speed

Workflow recommendations (and execution) have helped Anrok continually improve lead routing, account assignment, and other sales related automations to keep pace with their fast-growing business and go-to-market stack.

Accelerated growth and scale without compromise

With Swantide, Anrok has been able to build and iterate on workflows to support: growing the sales team from 2 to 5, updating their price book, adding products, setting up new round robins, and implementing integrations with Outreach, HubSpot, and most recently, Chili Piper. Swantide has been able to support them from set-up to scale.