How Skyflow scales with Swantide's automated RevOps management platform

““I honestly don’t know what we would do without [Swantide]. The product, the team; you’ve been instrumental in our ability to scale sales operations.””

Kyle Marksfield


Skyflow is building a secure data privacy platform fronted by an API so all this data is secure and used as promised. Skyflow’s data privacy vault makes it easy to securely manage, store, and use any kind of personally identifiable information. Compliance with PCI, PHI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations is built in.

Skyflows's top three goals:

Helping more people protect and encrypt their most precious data

Minimize risk and time to value

Scale their sales team and customer base quickly without letting important customer and sales data fall through the cracks


With big growth goals and a lean team, Skyflow needed to implement a CRM in order to track their most precious customer data and they needed to move quickly.

Several of Skyflow’s leaders actually came from Salesforce so they understood the value of investing in a powerful CRM. They were growing quickly, had lofty goals for scale, and required a full-funnel view of their sales pipeline. They needed to be able to report on metrics, scale their sales ops, and do so quickly without bringing on an additional consultant or hire.


Swantide was able to offer Skyflow a clean and scaleable data model so their CRM was primed for rapid growth.

Since Skyflow’s leadership was no stranger to Salesforce, they understood the value of proper implementation. However, time was of the essence, and they needed a tool they could trust. Swantide offered Skyflow an “extra set of hands” without relying on another hire or consultant. Swantide’s platform delivers the value of a RevOps expert with the speed and convenience technology and automation can provide. With our out-of-the-box solution, not only were we able to help Skyflow get set up on Salesforce quickly, we’ve since been able to help their sales ops and sales team scale their efforts without an additional hire. Thanks to Swantide, Skyflow’s Salesforce instance is clean and up to date, giving them the data they need to make the case for additional sales hires. Skyflow credits Swantide for our expertise, speed to value, and powerful platform so they could scale so quickly.


Data hygiene and visibility

Clean data to accurately report on essential metrics to leadership.

Speed to value

A tool that a seasoned RevOps professional can rely on to help them scale faster.

Stop funnel leaks and refine sales process

The ability to see their end-to-end funnel metrics and understand where funnel leakage was occurring so they could make the appropriate adjustments to their sales process, allowing them to scale and grow revenue.