Instantly become
a 10x Admin

Swantide AI is like having a Salesforce Trailhead All Star Ranger as your personal assistant.

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“Debugging issues related to flow errors is particularly painful… Setting debug logs, replicating the issue, then combing those logs to find the problem can take hours. It’s a needle in a haystack problem, and when the issues come up in prod, [it's] fairly critical to resolve quickly”
CRO @ Arc

Say goodbye to your ticket backlog

Let reps and ops answer their own questions

Don't waste time answering the same question again and again. Swantide AI makes it easy for anyone on your team to get answers about your set up, the new process you rolled out, or why they got a particular lead.

Track down the hardest to find bugs

Swantide AI has a powerful debugging engine that is purpose built to help you find the root cause of issues quickly.

Scope changes in seconds, even on your first day

Cut development time in half by using Swantide AI to scope impact and do dependency analysis ahead of changes to your Salesforce.

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How it works

Step 1

Connect your Salesforce

As soon as you connect to salesforce, Swantide will immediately begin personalizing to your Salesforce

Step 2

Provide additional sources

Upload any documents from ops, IT, or enablement teams or connect your ticketing system to make Swantide AI even smarter

Step 3

Start asking questions

Salesforce Admins, Ops, or Sales Reps can start asking questions to Swantide

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Build quickly with Swantide

Get a draft of complex process or new work in minutes with Swantide workflows. You can customize everything - from a simple validation rule to a complex flow with business logic.  

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AI Generated Documentation

Remove single points of failure and never inherit a Salesforce without up to date documentation ever again

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Use Swantide to implement your Salesforce and onboard your team

Tailor your CRM to fit your business.

Configure with software, so it’s faster, cheaper, and higher quality.

Get ongoing support that lasts beyond initial implementation.

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