Creating a Standard Price Book in Salesforce

Zoe Hartsfield

May 12, 2023
you notice your sales data is out of date
you feel like you lack clarity on current pipeline
you want to see reports on booked and forecasted revenue but can’t
you missed an important action item for a potential customer
you expanded your sales team and it’s hard to see who owns what account
you’re seeing duplicates in the data
What does “CRM set up” mean/involve?
When is the best time to set up your CRM and why?
What are the costs if you wait?
What are the benefits if you move quickly?
How do most companies implement their CRM?
Should you get Salesforce or another CRM?

Why Do I Need a Standard Price Book?

Want to track revenue effectively? Every B2B SaaS company leveraging Salesforce as their CRM needs a Standard Pricing Book to manage their pricing, potential contract value on Opportunities, track ARR, forecast, track renewals, and measure revenue-related metrics. 

In short, if your product has a price, you need a Standard Price Book.

How to Create a Standard Price Book in Salesforce

Think of your Price Books simply as lists of your products/services and their prices. *Like SKUs in a grocery store.* 

Note: Each individually priced piece of your B2B SaaS product should be its own Product in Salesforce. 

Creating a Standard Pricebook Step-by-Step

  • Go to the "Products" tab
  • Head down to the "Price Books" section
  • Click "Add Standard Price" 
  • Add the price of your product in the "list price" field

*Make sure you have the appropriate currency listed in the currency pick-list

Once you have a Standard Price Book, you can create a Custom Price Book (multiple).


A Standard Price Book is a fundamental part of Salesforce configuration and will be the foundation of all your revenue tracking. 

If you want to learn more about adding products to opportunities, check out this blog. And if you don't want to deal with building any of this yourself, our product can help. Reach out to our team to learn more!

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