Swantide 💜s Salesforce Documentation

Taylor Lint

October 26, 2023
you notice your sales data is out of date
you feel like you lack clarity on current pipeline
you want to see reports on booked and forecasted revenue but can’t
you missed an important action item for a potential customer
you expanded your sales team and it’s hard to see who owns what account
you’re seeing duplicates in the data
What does “CRM set up” mean/involve?
When is the best time to set up your CRM and why?
What are the costs if you wait?
What are the benefits if you move quickly?
How do most companies implement their CRM?
Should you get Salesforce or another CRM?

Swantide’s mission has always been to simplify the development and management of Salesforce for GTM teams.  We see this job as very similar to the process of building a product: gather requirements, design, build, and iterate. 

To date, the Swantide platform has enabled customers to automate the build of their Salesforce instance, empowering teams to work more efficiently with faster iterations. Waiting to build new features in Salesforce can slow down business velocity (e.g., when you launch a new product line or restructure your sales process, it takes time to translate these changes into Salesforce).  As our customers have grown, and as we look to support larger teams, we’ve observed that lack of visibility into existing systems, or documentation, is a huge blocker to faster iteration, as well. The older or larger the Salesforce instance, the harder it is to make changes confidently or fix simple errors. Similarly to product development, if you don’t pay down tech debt - it eventually catches up to you. 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce our latest feature: Automated documentation of how your Salesforce is set up, powered by generative AI. Swantide customers will have instant visibility into every single component of metadata in their Salesforce system. They’ll also know HOW and WHERE that component is used throughout their instance. And, most importantly, they’ll be able to see WHAT the Flow, Validation Rule, or Apex Class does in simple, business terms. All without writing a single piece of documentation themselves. 

We believe that the ability to automate Salesforce documentation will provide immense value to companies of any size – whether a RevOps team of one or a fifty-person team managing multiple Salesforce instances. Swantide will make it easier to onboard new employees, de-risk single points of failure, and triage issues faster. If you’ve ever tried to make a change in a Salesforce instance that you didn’t build yourself or pulled your hair out updating documentation from years ago, we built this for you!  

We’re building more features for RevOps teams of every size and technical ability, so keep an eye out for more updates from Swantide this fall or book a demo now to chat with our team! 

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