Swantide Release Notes: June 9, 2023

Zoe Hartsfield

June 9, 2023
you notice your sales data is out of date
you feel like you lack clarity on current pipeline
you want to see reports on booked and forecasted revenue but can’t
you missed an important action item for a potential customer
you expanded your sales team and it’s hard to see who owns what account
you’re seeing duplicates in the data
What does “CRM set up” mean/involve?
When is the best time to set up your CRM and why?
What are the costs if you wait?
What are the benefits if you move quickly?
How do most companies implement their CRM?
Should you get Salesforce or another CRM?

Swantide Release Notes: June 9, 2023

This is day 5 of Release Week and we are wrapping up a week full of product announcements with two awesome Workflow Templates. But first we want to take a moment to shout out our incredible Product and Engineering teams. They’re so talented and we couldn’t have accomplished any of these awesome releases without them. You all rock!

Now, on to the Workflow Templates. These two automations are incredibly useful and help eliminate tedious manual steps for your end user. 

Update an Account Pick-list Field from an Opportunity Pick-list:

This Workflow Template allows you to dynamically update pick-list values after another one has changed. When an Opportunity pick-list field such as “StageName” moves to a new value, the Account Type field changes automatically. 

For example, an AE moves an Opportunity to “Closed-Won” (one of the options in the “StageName” picklist), the Account Type automatically updates to “Customer.” 

Update an Opportunity Date Field Based on a Related Event:

This Workflow Template drives some of the automation behind Event creation in Salesforce. Think of it as the foundation that Event creation sits on top of to reduce manual steps for your end users.

As an example, you could use this Workflow Template to automate when an Event comes in with the subject line “Demo” to immediately set the Opportunity’s “Demo Date” field to the Event’s date.

Here’s a quick clip of us leveraging the Workflow Template in the Swantide app: 

The Wrap Up

If you’re a customer, head to the Swantide app and check out these Workflows! If you’re curious to learn more about how Swantide can help you configure and manage your Salesforce automatically with Workflows just like these, give us a shout! We would love to show you the product in real-time and talk about your RevOps strategy. 

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