How Supermove uses Swantide to run Salesforce

“I had no idea you can build reports as beautiful as this in Salesforce.”

Wonjun Jeong

“Especially with sales tools, the employees are spending a ton of time on a task, and if a tool can do it faster, that’s what I’m looking for.”

Mark Miyashita

“I recommend trying Swantide, they’re not just a team, but a tool!”

Caterina Torres


Supermove is a SaaS startup that helps moving companies go paperless

Supermove's top three goals:

Create a product that works and that customers enjoy

Deliver delightful experiences to customers

Scale the sales team to accelerate growth


Supermove’s demand increased, requiring the shift from founder-led sales

As the CEO of an early stage startup, Wonjun had to wear a lot of hats. Wonjun shared, “I had two SDRs on my team, and I was the one cleaning up their leads so they’re more efficient with calling. I was setting up Salesforce.” Instead of focusing on the top goals for the company, the CEO was cleaning up Salesforce data. As Wonjun put it, “I tried to use deduplicating software (Cloudingo) and I think I screwed up the data.” The team needed a better solution.


Wonjun and team found a solution in Swantide to help Supermove grow.According to Wonjun, “I had no idea you can build reports as beautiful as this in Salesforce.”

Since Swantide is built on top of Salesforce, it was fast and easy to set up. Swantide's UI, dashboards, workflows and data cleansing were implemented within one week of kickoff. The Swantide platform configured Salesforce based on the information that Wonjun and team provided about their product, business model, and sales process. The Supermove exec team was able to get a high-level understanding of their sales process effectiveness from the pipeline dashboards that Swantide built for them in Salesforce. Swantide continues to monitor the data in their Salesforce and provide a platform for the Supermove team to add integrations and features as they grow.


Do it right the first time

Supermove had tried to set up Salesforce themselves, but it didn't go as well as they had planned. They had the chance to redo their approach with Swantide.

Before a dedicated RevOps ops resource

Swantide took over sales ops activities so the Supermove team could focus on their day-to-day jobs. Now Swantide supports Supermove’s GTM Ops Lead daily.

Trust your CRM

Swantide is built on top of Salesforce in order to monitor and fix dirty data issues. Supermove is confident that their sales systems are built to scale, one of Wonjun’s top goals for the company.