GTM Leaders

Spend less time on ops and more time selling
Fully customizable processes and workflows that power your GTM motion
“Swantide provides a tremendous amount of value, offering us dedicated customer success support and tools to automate workflows. They’ve brought us the expertise — and saved us a ton of money by not having to hire an in-house Salesforce engineer.”
Giancarlo Gialle
COO @ OpenPhone

Quickly and Effectively Work Your Best Leads

Define your lead assignment rules, route them to the appropriate sales rep, and receive notifications where your team works.  Build lead scoring models and generate notifications where your team works to ensure you’re working high quality leads as fast as possible.

Save Your Team’s Time

Leverage automation to reduce manual work, preserve data quality and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Our customers have reported that Swantide saves their exec teams 5-10 hours per month.

Understand your GTM Motion

Know which lead sources and marketing campaigns are most effectively driving pipeline and closed won revenue. Access important sales metrics like conversion rates across the funnel, win rates, sales rep performance metrics, sales cycle duration, and much more.

Drive Rep Adoption

Swantide provides you with automations that make it much easier to use your CRM, and allows you to build requirements for rep behavior throughout the sales process.

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